Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorting out the issues or trying

So, the main idea of this site was to be about reinventing myself. Right now I am in a constant state of stress and reinvention is becoming a slow forgotten process. When people think of owning their own business, being successful and the money that they want to make seem within reach, of course-we fail see the obstacles. I believe that is true for many of us. I went into my ad adventure thinking this would be a piece of cake, it would all fall into place and the money would pour in. The funny thing about that is, I am a very practical and analytical person and I knew in the back of my head this would not be true. I just didn't expect it to be this frustrating.

Web guy issues-I had another two hour power talk with the web guy, he suggested maybe we "break up" "end the relationship", I agreed. An odd way of saying it, but it greatly humored me. In the end, much like a tumultuous marriage, we have decided to give it another go, communicate better, and what to expect and not from each other. Women, if all men could do this no one would ever bitch about their partners again. Will it happen this way? Who knows? I was given some advice from my writer. He said "all people in this business are flaky; if you can find someone you like as a person, then suck it up and deal with it". So, I guess I am sucking it up since I do like this guy as a person.

My professional writer turned out to be kind of a perv, but that is a whole other post. Maybe he is not my writer after all. Figures I find a guy that writes web copy and gets freaky.

I have a list for this site that is so long my stressful tea drinking water days continue. I feel the pressure to succeed, mostly by my standards. And have no clue where to start. I am good at the legal, the organizing of it all and now I am challenged. What if I fail? I don’t just let myself down, but my husband, my friend’s and of course, my on the rocks web guy. It is me that would be the most disappointed. I am not a fan of failure of any kind at all.
My hours are sporadic at best, I have been putting things off and I need to get a schedule going. I am not giving it my all, but am giving it my best stress. If I could make a career out of anxiety we would all be rich.

Today’s mood is floating.


The Edge of London said...

Sweetheart you are one of a kind. I would imagine Web guy is a dream compared to Ryan.
You will be a huge success we are all cheering you on across the pond. It sounds like the writer is a prat. Run now.
The world is your playground.