Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Excitement and fear are looming both in equal portions. My site is up, it is not filled with great writing, ads and all the buzz, but it's up. Wow! I am trying so hard not to jinx myself, but I really like my new non rocker, responsible, does what he says web guy. Did I mention he doesn't even live in my state? He is in the Bay area and communicates like a gem.

Saturday night I got a call from B, she is my sales telemarketer if you will. She called to tell me that she is still interested in doing sales for me but doesn't want any money until I start making money. That she loves me and just wants to support my venture. What a woman. The only thing she asked for was a cell phone so that she didn't have to make calls from her home phone. I think that is more than reasonable and will be getting her one. I am pretty hopeful that I will see enough success to take the people that helped make this happen to Hawaii with me for the holidays. Even my guy from the Bay. I wish I could find a way to pause my mind so that I could keep this good feeling a bit longer.
I have been listening to the Tony Robbins series on my iPod everyday and like him or not, he knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend his series Personal Power. I am now fascinated with Neuro science and mind conditioning (not scary scientology crap)

Being self employed is a very scary thing-you only have your self to blame if you fail. The process from idea to insemination can be daunting and stressful on all relationships around you. I have found this out personally. I am hoping it has all been worth it.