Sunday, January 31, 2010

As women we reinvent ourselves constantly. Thinking back over the years there are many things that drove me crazy that wouldn't faze me today, I know what I want and for the most part where I am going, these things I didn't know in my twenties or early thirties, but I sure thought I did. At twenty I knew everything, looking back, I didn't know much. In my thirties I started to get it, by 35, I felt the shift again and it is going on again right now. It has been a strange and interesting journey. I am looking forward to chapter two as I have recently heard it called, I think it makes it sounds like we have a whole book of life left to finish.
I found it ironic that after I started this blog all my magazines I subscribe to were about reinventing yourself.
I have many goals I would like to reach and had set many years ago for this birthday. I feel excitement and stress about what I will and won't get done, but will focus on the will for right now.

I am not sure what direction I will take this blog, and have already deleted all the posts once. This time I will just go with the flow, I don't need perfection, just an outlet.