Friday, May 28, 2010

As you know last week Qwest managed to make me pretty mad. I have since been scouting around for new services and plans so I can discontinue service with them. I found the answers to my business lines issues. It’s called Google Voice. It’s free, it’s easy to use, I got a local number, my voicemail messages are turned into emails, and I can have it ring my main line or cell whenever I want to take calls. I love it!! I can also text from this line if I want, too. You are charged for outgoing calls, but I won’t ever need to do that, however, it is only two cents to call the UK, and that is the only place I do call outside the US.

I think my landline will now go over to Comcast who has all American reps. In ten years of service with them I have never been shipped off to India for someone to read me a script of my possible issues in very bad English.
June is around the corner, the year is going really fast and I yet to catch up. I have three months to make my goal for the pending milestone. Yikes!

I have the P90X sitting on a shelf and think I will start it this weekend. I am hoping to go boating in the mountains, but you never know when the snow might start to fall again. Especially up there.

My website is being rebuilt from scratch and should be ready this week. I am hoping he does it right this time. I think we are working though our issues, but I still have two people on hold just in case. I am also take blame for part of the problem. It will be like starting from scratch. That could be good or bad or a nice combo of both.

Friday, May 21, 2010

For $12.99 you can talk to an American

I access the internet via DSL though Qwest. Today my DSL went down and as I type this I am still on the phone with Qwest. Thirty minutes and counting…

I kept getting India, asking for US and getting hung up on. Finally I called customer service, asked for an AMERICAN. She found me a tech located in Utah, however, right before my transfer; I was informed that for $12.99 per month I could be guaranteed to always get an American tech. Seriously? I also would get free maintenance of my DSL box, but the BIG selling point was not to have to deal with off shore people ever again. Qwest is making it so easy for me to say good-bye.


57 minutes with my American tech, my problem was not solved and they will just assume an outage. That is what I would pay $12.99 for each month?

Update: Since my internet is still down 4 hours later I am again on hold with Qwest. I told the woman in customer loyalty about the $12.99 to speak with an American. It turns out that is 100% true. They offer a few other things with this package that are worthless to me, but the American reps- and being bumped to the top of the waiting queue are the selling points. Apparently they just don’t screw us enough with their ever rising prices, high taxes, bad customer service and constant billing errors, DSL boxes that die every six months and the list goes on, now they want us to pay to speak to someone in our own country.

Since Qwest has been sold, I will bet this problem just gets worse.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The clocking is ticking...always ticking

The countdown to the big day drawers nearer and my goals keep falling behind. My mind keeps changing on what to do for the big day. Do I go with my best friends to Chicago, or skip it and make Hawaii the big deal? I am lost, I would like to do both but we live in the ultimate shitty economy, so I think I will need to pick one, or pick the right lotto numbers. My fingers are crossed for the lotto.

I really wanted to buy the P90X; I have met people in far worse shape than me who have rocked it big time with this program. If you have seen it on TV you know it is not cheap. A friend of mine bought it, didn’t like it and gave it to me. Life is grand. I should at some point, open it, watch it and use it. It didn’t promise results from viewing. That would rock!

I may have mentioned (knocking on wood) that I have not found a gray hair yet, and didn’t really see any wrinkles coming in. That is changing, no on the gray but I think I am a likely candidate for the new Juviderm that lasts a year. I keep sleeping oddly on one side and it has given me a perm-a wrinkle. WTH!?

I am redoing my bucket/life list; I am working on the tank top arms, tight rear and my tennis game. I think I need to rethink my goals for 40. I will get back to you.

Another day

This 30 days is killing me. My 30 day out with my web guy started April 30th. In that 30 days that follow he is to keep updating and making changes to the site, organizing, correcting ads he messed up…nothing. The kicker is this; I can legally sue him for what it is going to cost me for everything he is refusing to do these last 30 days. I think Karma normally takes care of these deals, but I don’t have the twelve hundred dollars it is going to take to fix this so I may have to override Karma. I hate being in this situation. I just found another writer for the health field and some other exciting things I can’t add until my issues are resolved. I am tired of being angry.

Spring has still not made its way here, I was going to send out a memo to the seasons given them an update.

This last Saturday it was warm enough to play tennis for a few hours and mange to brown my arms and burn my nose. Then it went cold. This winter/spring deal is like a bad relationship.

As I tell my husband that it is time I look for a job while working out the kinks in my business life the news reports that our state has lost over 100,000 in the last couple years and we are still ranked the second or third highest for unemployment. If that just doesn’t give a girl confidence…

Everything will be Alright! I will just keep saying that.

This was a post from Women in Business on my Facebook this afternoon and it couldn’t be truer. At least in my case!

The resistance is that little voice in the back of your head, the one that tells you that it will never work, the one that insists you check your email one last time, and the one that worries that people will laugh at you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday I had a free assessment of my website by a guy who does internet marketing for a company that has 3 million dollar accounts. He had a lot to say about my site. Thankfully, we were both on the same page and my list of issues almost mirrored his.

It has come down to this: I need a new company to bring me to the level I want to see the site at, and its expansion. My current person has made changes with out my consent, ignores issues and has left my site basically a shell. Therefore, I currently can’t sell new ads and will be giving free extensions to those that are on it now. I am just so thrilled.
Moving to the company I would like to go with is unaffordable at this time. I know people that have maxed out credit cards, taken loans and left themselves and families scared, I can’t do that. I am currently looking for an evening or part time job while I figure out the details and our next step. I think the greatest thing I have learned from the networking and some coaching I have had is where my limits are and don’t go into debt. I am not a fan of it anyway.
My other project in the works requires no start up funds on my part and has slightly caught on. I am excited about that.
I am reformatting my business and life plan to make this right. Starting a company is like the growing pains of life. I know it will get there and I just need to be patient. I have a 30 day out clause in the contract that I wrote with my current web guy and am utilizing that out. It is unfortunate that I gave him some other business and I now feel I have to hang on until these people are taken care of. I now understand why he doesn’t have any paying clients. Lesson learned, I hope.

Yesterday we also woke to 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow, it’s May. I am wondering if we will have a nice breezy spring for summer. It is cold yet again today. Warm clothes required.

Moving and an moving up.