Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday I had a free assessment of my website by a guy who does internet marketing for a company that has 3 million dollar accounts. He had a lot to say about my site. Thankfully, we were both on the same page and my list of issues almost mirrored his.

It has come down to this: I need a new company to bring me to the level I want to see the site at, and its expansion. My current person has made changes with out my consent, ignores issues and has left my site basically a shell. Therefore, I currently can’t sell new ads and will be giving free extensions to those that are on it now. I am just so thrilled.
Moving to the company I would like to go with is unaffordable at this time. I know people that have maxed out credit cards, taken loans and left themselves and families scared, I can’t do that. I am currently looking for an evening or part time job while I figure out the details and our next step. I think the greatest thing I have learned from the networking and some coaching I have had is where my limits are and don’t go into debt. I am not a fan of it anyway.
My other project in the works requires no start up funds on my part and has slightly caught on. I am excited about that.
I am reformatting my business and life plan to make this right. Starting a company is like the growing pains of life. I know it will get there and I just need to be patient. I have a 30 day out clause in the contract that I wrote with my current web guy and am utilizing that out. It is unfortunate that I gave him some other business and I now feel I have to hang on until these people are taken care of. I now understand why he doesn’t have any paying clients. Lesson learned, I hope.

Yesterday we also woke to 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow, it’s May. I am wondering if we will have a nice breezy spring for summer. It is cold yet again today. Warm clothes required.

Moving and an moving up.