Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Another day

This 30 days is killing me. My 30 day out with my web guy started April 30th. In that 30 days that follow he is to keep updating and making changes to the site, organizing, correcting ads he messed up…nothing. The kicker is this; I can legally sue him for what it is going to cost me for everything he is refusing to do these last 30 days. I think Karma normally takes care of these deals, but I don’t have the twelve hundred dollars it is going to take to fix this so I may have to override Karma. I hate being in this situation. I just found another writer for the health field and some other exciting things I can’t add until my issues are resolved. I am tired of being angry.

Spring has still not made its way here, I was going to send out a memo to the seasons given them an update.

This last Saturday it was warm enough to play tennis for a few hours and mange to brown my arms and burn my nose. Then it went cold. This winter/spring deal is like a bad relationship.

As I tell my husband that it is time I look for a job while working out the kinks in my business life the news reports that our state has lost over 100,000 in the last couple years and we are still ranked the second or third highest for unemployment. If that just doesn’t give a girl confidence…

Everything will be Alright! I will just keep saying that.

This was a post from Women in Business on my Facebook this afternoon and it couldn’t be truer. At least in my case!

The resistance is that little voice in the back of your head, the one that tells you that it will never work, the one that insists you check your email one last time, and the one that worries that people will laugh at you.


The Edge of London said...

It will all work out. People in the graphic design business can be difficult. Stick it out and you will be fine. This guy sonunds like a sod but I would get my money's worth from him.
I hope for you nice weather, a happy website this week and luck looking for a job. I think if you work your two ideas you won't need that job. The Mrs told me.
Happy mid week love.

The Edge of London said...

I just posted new pictures of Noah with cake all over his face and jamming on his wee piano. Check them out.