Friday, October 15, 2010

The things people will buy

iPad $499.00, fancy covers from Domenico Vacca $3,900.00- They come in a variety of colors and according to the Robb Report they have sold out. Other big name designers are also making them for lower prices $1,700.00 and up. Sure you could just get one for $30.00 from the Apple store, but why do that when you have a fancy DV? I love my iPod and have never spent more than $14.99 for a sleeve. Should I decide to buy an iPad, I can promise you that even if my bank account shows zeros leading to the millions I would never spend almost four grand for something that cost me five hundred, where the hell is the logic in that?

I have friends that are very wealthy and ones that have a champagne appetite on a beer budget. Can you guess who is more inclined to buy the overpriced cover? The ones with no money. My wealthier friends are frugal, watch their money and like a good deal.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Don't over use the "Masters"

Unneeded update-

I had really high hopes for 2010; it did not live up to the expectation. I have found this to be a physically painful year. Some good things have happened but that is expected in any year. I recently have been very proud of the inches and pounds that were falling off, and still am. Then I did this.

I noticed about a week ago (before taking a tumble down the stairs) that my lower back and hips hurt really bad. I sucked it up and popped some Advil because that is what you do. Yesterday the pain became so unbearable that I could barely sit still (yes there is a point). I thought maybe I had a kidney infection or something from where the pain is located. I call my doctor and they tell me to come to the after hours clinic as they are also thinking kidney. What did it end up being? OCD. Nope, I am not kidding. I had been talking about my renewed love of the Buttmaster and Thighmaster; however, I may have neglected to mention that I do 350 of each every single day. Why? In my mind, if 50 are recommended, and work- then 100 will be better and so on. It finally escalated to 350 and on good days to 375. This is every single day. I still see no issue with it. However, it cause very deep muscle issues in my lower back on the muscle right on the outside of my spine. I have this mild mannered really calm doctor and when I told him what else I was doing he said “O shit”. I took that to mean it was not good. Blood work on kidneys -good, other blood work-good, back-in sorry shape. I didn’t do my Masters last night and my hips feel slightly better today. That could be the horrible pain pills and muscle relaxers working as well.

Lesson Learned? More than likely not. I think I will have to break them in to sessions because it is working so well. I also do this OCD with crunches and have never had a problem. I have learned that less can be more if you let it, I just don't know how to let it. I also learned I don't like the Vicodin and flexeril haze, either. I think I need balance and would never reccomend to a sane person to use the "Masters" as many times as I do.

With that said, it is time for my next dose of haziness.

All typos and bad grammar are currently due to the use of perscription meds. All other days it's my fault.

My over use of the Masters has caused me to be in a hazed on the greatest- coolest- cloudy day so far this fall. What a bummer.

Friday, October 8, 2010



It is now mid October and it still feels very much like mid July. I love fall and this is the second year I will be missing it. The leaves are confused, the pumpkin patch looks slightly sparse and nothing feels like fall. In order to enjoy the wonderful weather of fall I must go out and enjoy myself after 8:00 PM in the dark.

While my friends post pictures of the vibrant colors of the leaves changing and all the rain and frost they are getting, I am sitting on the couch playing with my new laptop with my central air set at 72.

In conjunction with the rant above: Since losing now 17 lbs and having clothes so loose they cause me top slip down the stairs, I am again annoyed that I can’t wear some really cute track type outfits that now fit really well. I could wear them if I wanted to die of heat stroke. Damn it!

I got a laptop for my 40th birthday. I just got this as it was customized to my current needs and I am finally wireless and not having to run up and down the stairs, woohoo. I love that this is mobile, but the keyboard and mouse are challenging. So, I have plugged in an old keyboard to allow for speedy typing while I get use to the feel of my favorite birthday present. My camera does come in second. I must say so far I am not a fan of Office 2007; I really do prefer 2003 because it seems so much easier to use.

In assisting with a Federal release criminal case I am again disturbed by our judicial system. As I have discussed with other friends and family, you will do more time for a drug charge, be it, pills, marijuana or cocaine, than you will for child molestation or rape. This is on a first time offense of any kind. Six years into a sentence (more than the 18-22 months most pedos do) a woman has to fight with all she has to get out and be with her possibly terminally ill son. How is that justice? How is it a sex offender can live in the same neighborhood as her son but she can’t even see him? This case has me very pissed off to say the least.

Since my last post and fired pen pal, I have gotten another email saying that she has once again sent me a box. Why? Since I have decided that it is best not to reply at all, if said box does land I will likely refuse it. I am certain it will never make an appearance. No loss. Some confusion.

I am going to give another shout out to The Buttmaster. I can’t help but wonder if I could have saved my booty the extra love had I been using it all these years. Again, wow! I decided to Google the Buttmaster and found others also love it and I have learned a couple new ways to use this love contraption. The downfall, I am pretty sore on a daily basis. It can also be purchased at I am a fan of anything that takes off inches, has quick results and I don’t have to leave my house. Warning…daily use of this will cause inches to fall off and your panties will no longer fit.

With really positive results from my eating, Buttmaster and other efforts, my lifestyle change feels permanent this time around. Something really feels different, I know I may have said that on my last blog, but it’s true. This time, when I have had a treat or felt like I fell from the wagon, I have counteracted and not gained anything back. My clothes that are now loose go out the door the same day I figure out they are too big. I am hoping to drop ten more pounds by the 21st of this month.

Friday, September 17, 2010

The weight update

I think I may have liked my weight loss blog better. I thought I would add an update.

Today after more than three years I met with Mr. Ralph Lauren and Mr. Tommy Hilfiger. They have been living in my closet for awhile with their high quality denim was just waiting to be transferred to a new location or re-fitted. Today I was not only able to get them on, but button and zip as well. The good thing was I still had the ability to breath, I was certain this was not going to be the case. I guess my progress is greater than I thought it was.
Here is where I give some credit out. Stress, it is a great diet, it allows you to over exercise, eat very little and drink a lot of water and tea and pace a lot.

Thank you Suzanne Somers! Do you remember in the early 90’s when she was Thigh mastering her way to great legs? Well, I was one of the many twenty year olds who had to have one, and I still have that exact one. Then she got all brilliant and came out with the Butt master. I found this on clearance at a GNC in the late 90’s for $3.00.
In my fits of stress and boredom I have been Butt mastering and Thigh mastering myself to death. I do it while I am on the computer, while I am sitting bed watching a movie (yes, it works in bed too). I think all this mastering has tightened or shaved inches off my inner thighs and butt. Thank you Miss. Somers.

Then there is the fact that I don’t over eat, have been eating fruits and veggies, and trying my dandiest to drink a lot more liquid. I think wine and Margarita’s count since they make you have to go to the bathroom as much as water.

My walks are longer and I am more motivated then before. Why? Because of the whole lump in breast scare. I promised I would take the very best care of my body if I came out of this entire scary health crap okay, step one was okay so I am holding up my end of the bargain. I am just that kind of girl.

I am greatly looking forward to the cooler weather where I can walk and walk and not be wringing wet when I get home.

I am not sure what my current weight is. When I get on the scale it says Lo. Since I like that I have not yet changed the battery.


I have to urge to rant-
Old people shouldn’t be driving; I am tired of getting cut off and almost hit on a daily basis, yep, daily. My 89 year old neighbor license was renewed because she passed the eye test, and they didn’t make her wear her glasses. I think there should be an age limit and a curfew for old people. Also, why to the think they can just bud in a line?

I use to have that whole respect thing for older people, it’s gone.

Dear Barnes and Noble,
Please stop stalking me and trying to get me to buy the NOOK every time I walk in and out of the door. So annoying!

Borders does not do this and they get more of my money than you…

Attention employers:

When placing an ad for employees with a college education, please specify that you more or less mean…someone who could maybe pass the GED. Also, look up college education before saying “I think your educational background makes you overed (yes that is what she said) qualified”. I am still certain she didn’t know what the word qualified meant or articulation. Also, dumbass employers-although people need jobs a good wage is not minimum wage and most overed qualified people will not work for that.


When I ask for a scanned file and the other person says okay, I assume I am going to get a scanned file. Not a phone call asking me if it is with one of those computer things. It is 2010.

Dear pen pal,

Stop saying you have sent me great packages and can’t figure out why I am not getting them. You know you have not sent them, I am not impressed and don’t really care. I am not certain why you keep saying this, but the USPS screw up rate is high, but not that high. It has now become insanely annoying and I am afraid you will have to go. You’re Fired!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Lump

I am a worrier, a worst case; it’s going to be death kind of girl. So, when I found the lump in my breast, I went from lump to grave, actually I am still in the grave. I have a mammogram and ultrasound on Friday. My doctor said he was not worried.

I would never wish the fear that is burning inside me on anyone. I am restless, scared, curious, anxious, and every cell of my body is riddled with fear. I have moments of clarity where I think it will be alright and to just be grateful I am in a place where I can get the proper testing done in a timely manner (three days after seeing my doctor). The waiting is the hard part, what will come next? Will it be bad? I am sure it will be and my mind will not allow me to go anywhere but to the dark scary place. The pit of my stomach burns, and everyone has a fricking story to tell about their cancer, like I really need to hear that shit right now.

What I do know for sure-

Whatever the outcome is I am changed forever. That may seem dramatic and it probably is, but it is so very true. I always thought as women we are part of the cause-be proactive, self exams, donating, walking for the cure, all of it. Why? Because having breasts makes you part of the cause. And then wondering if you have it-is so very scary.

I always talk about being healthy, respecting my body and so on. No more talk. If I don’t take care of me now what will happen? I really don’t want to find out. I am already making changes and promises that I know I will keep. How do I know? I am a fear driven kind of girl and I have enough fear to believe I can walk on water right now.

I admire people with a strong faith now more than ever. I wish I had the great belief that a prayer could be said and answered.

Two more days of acid burning worry. The unknown is so much scarier than what is right in front of you.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I made it to 40-I was feeling a bit dramatic last night, but am over it today. It is strange to think of myself as 40, but I am sure I will get use to it right before I hit 50.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Vampires around town

The Vampires have moved west, or so people think. A woman in my state ran off the road and into a ditch (or tree). When asked what caused the accident she said a Vampire jumped out at her car.

Breathalyzer and drug check came back clean. She was in her sixties I believe.

I was walking into my local library and lone behold there is a twenty something freaked out Vamp, pasty white, dressed like she has been let out of her coffin from the 1700’s and using a Parasol to protect her pasty white skin. She even had the teeth.

Are there Vampires out West? No, but there is a shitload of crazy people who think they are vamps. How is it that their parents missed the inability of these kids to play normal when they were younger? With the release of the Twilight movies, Vampire Diaries and True Blood, the crazies have emerged, and in a real bad way. What the hell makes you jump in front of a car at night dressed like a vamp? A mental condition that’s what! What if that woman would have died? What about the bat shit crazy girl from the library that freaked everyone out? Have the released her with out her meds?
How do you come so far from reality? I think the guy that jumped in front of the car should be charged if found, and then maybe some good old electric shock therapy.

How long until someone dies or is hurt from these idiots trying to drink blood (gross)? That happened when The Lost Boys came out. Three teenage boys from St. Cloud, MN killed an old man to drink his blood that was in the 80’s and I believe the only case. I will not be shocked when or if it happens. I am sure there is a whole underground full of these people.

Remember when it was safe to play outside as a kid? Those days are so long gone.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's okay

Everyone wants to have a good group of friends, but what happens when you out grown them? I am the type of person that knows when something is no longer right for me, friends included. They say friends should stay with you though thick and thin, I don’t always think that is the case. I also think it is very normal to out grow a person. Your family life, interests, morals and values all change though stages of your life, so it is only natural that your friends would as well. Have you ever noticed there is that one person who makes you cringe when they call? Or brings out your negativity? I have two people in my life that do just that. When I see the caller ID, I ignore it, when I see an email, I delete it. Their energy makes me uncomfortable. I think when a friendship has reached this faze it is best to simply walk away.

I have a couple people in my life that disagree. Why would you want to remain friends with someone who doesn’t want to talk to you? Why would you hold on to a friend you have nothing in common with? People do this all the time, just because I won’t doesn’t make me a bad or flaky person, I am just purging what is negative and bad from my life, I think that is healthy.

With that said, I say if something isn’t working and it isn’t worth the work to fix it…don’t!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In the last month or so I have been helping people with their Start Up’s. For a fee, I provide the legal, the research, a list of ideas, I set up a system if need be, and I make a lot of phone calls on the clients behalf. If they are local they will also get a one month free ad on my site.

What I have learned is I need a client intelligence class. A coach, a mentor, and all the advice I can get from people who have issues with clients sucking the life out of them. When I was doing divorces and Wills, I collected a fee, did the paperwork and never heard from them again. Minus one or two that still call for other paperwork, but what I have found with helping someone launch a business/product is this…Most are very difficult to deal with, and maybe someone with a Type A personality isn’t the one to be doing it.

Currently I have a couple clients that call my home, office and cell phone consecutively-over and over until they reach me. One called 16 times on my home phone, on Sunday.

Never make calls from your home phone, even with a block number some cell phones still pick it up. Get a P.O box, when they know where you live, they show up, this happened Sunday, too. It seems like if you are paid a fee, they sign a contract outlining EXACTLY what you will do for them, they still think they own a piece of you.

It is a boundaries issue, and apparently an issue I am currently having in all phases of my life. It seems odd since I am the most outspoken person I know.

I feel like a completely drained battery that has not be taken of the box yet. I wish patience could be purchased.

Friday, May 28, 2010

As you know last week Qwest managed to make me pretty mad. I have since been scouting around for new services and plans so I can discontinue service with them. I found the answers to my business lines issues. It’s called Google Voice. It’s free, it’s easy to use, I got a local number, my voicemail messages are turned into emails, and I can have it ring my main line or cell whenever I want to take calls. I love it!! I can also text from this line if I want, too. You are charged for outgoing calls, but I won’t ever need to do that, however, it is only two cents to call the UK, and that is the only place I do call outside the US.

I think my landline will now go over to Comcast who has all American reps. In ten years of service with them I have never been shipped off to India for someone to read me a script of my possible issues in very bad English.
June is around the corner, the year is going really fast and I yet to catch up. I have three months to make my goal for the pending milestone. Yikes!

I have the P90X sitting on a shelf and think I will start it this weekend. I am hoping to go boating in the mountains, but you never know when the snow might start to fall again. Especially up there.

My website is being rebuilt from scratch and should be ready this week. I am hoping he does it right this time. I think we are working though our issues, but I still have two people on hold just in case. I am also take blame for part of the problem. It will be like starting from scratch. That could be good or bad or a nice combo of both.

Friday, May 21, 2010

For $12.99 you can talk to an American

I access the internet via DSL though Qwest. Today my DSL went down and as I type this I am still on the phone with Qwest. Thirty minutes and counting…

I kept getting India, asking for US and getting hung up on. Finally I called customer service, asked for an AMERICAN. She found me a tech located in Utah, however, right before my transfer; I was informed that for $12.99 per month I could be guaranteed to always get an American tech. Seriously? I also would get free maintenance of my DSL box, but the BIG selling point was not to have to deal with off shore people ever again. Qwest is making it so easy for me to say good-bye.


57 minutes with my American tech, my problem was not solved and they will just assume an outage. That is what I would pay $12.99 for each month?

Update: Since my internet is still down 4 hours later I am again on hold with Qwest. I told the woman in customer loyalty about the $12.99 to speak with an American. It turns out that is 100% true. They offer a few other things with this package that are worthless to me, but the American reps- and being bumped to the top of the waiting queue are the selling points. Apparently they just don’t screw us enough with their ever rising prices, high taxes, bad customer service and constant billing errors, DSL boxes that die every six months and the list goes on, now they want us to pay to speak to someone in our own country.

Since Qwest has been sold, I will bet this problem just gets worse.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The clocking is ticking...always ticking

The countdown to the big day drawers nearer and my goals keep falling behind. My mind keeps changing on what to do for the big day. Do I go with my best friends to Chicago, or skip it and make Hawaii the big deal? I am lost, I would like to do both but we live in the ultimate shitty economy, so I think I will need to pick one, or pick the right lotto numbers. My fingers are crossed for the lotto.

I really wanted to buy the P90X; I have met people in far worse shape than me who have rocked it big time with this program. If you have seen it on TV you know it is not cheap. A friend of mine bought it, didn’t like it and gave it to me. Life is grand. I should at some point, open it, watch it and use it. It didn’t promise results from viewing. That would rock!

I may have mentioned (knocking on wood) that I have not found a gray hair yet, and didn’t really see any wrinkles coming in. That is changing, no on the gray but I think I am a likely candidate for the new Juviderm that lasts a year. I keep sleeping oddly on one side and it has given me a perm-a wrinkle. WTH!?

I am redoing my bucket/life list; I am working on the tank top arms, tight rear and my tennis game. I think I need to rethink my goals for 40. I will get back to you.

Another day

This 30 days is killing me. My 30 day out with my web guy started April 30th. In that 30 days that follow he is to keep updating and making changes to the site, organizing, correcting ads he messed up…nothing. The kicker is this; I can legally sue him for what it is going to cost me for everything he is refusing to do these last 30 days. I think Karma normally takes care of these deals, but I don’t have the twelve hundred dollars it is going to take to fix this so I may have to override Karma. I hate being in this situation. I just found another writer for the health field and some other exciting things I can’t add until my issues are resolved. I am tired of being angry.

Spring has still not made its way here, I was going to send out a memo to the seasons given them an update.

This last Saturday it was warm enough to play tennis for a few hours and mange to brown my arms and burn my nose. Then it went cold. This winter/spring deal is like a bad relationship.

As I tell my husband that it is time I look for a job while working out the kinks in my business life the news reports that our state has lost over 100,000 in the last couple years and we are still ranked the second or third highest for unemployment. If that just doesn’t give a girl confidence…

Everything will be Alright! I will just keep saying that.

This was a post from Women in Business on my Facebook this afternoon and it couldn’t be truer. At least in my case!

The resistance is that little voice in the back of your head, the one that tells you that it will never work, the one that insists you check your email one last time, and the one that worries that people will laugh at you.

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday I had a free assessment of my website by a guy who does internet marketing for a company that has 3 million dollar accounts. He had a lot to say about my site. Thankfully, we were both on the same page and my list of issues almost mirrored his.

It has come down to this: I need a new company to bring me to the level I want to see the site at, and its expansion. My current person has made changes with out my consent, ignores issues and has left my site basically a shell. Therefore, I currently can’t sell new ads and will be giving free extensions to those that are on it now. I am just so thrilled.
Moving to the company I would like to go with is unaffordable at this time. I know people that have maxed out credit cards, taken loans and left themselves and families scared, I can’t do that. I am currently looking for an evening or part time job while I figure out the details and our next step. I think the greatest thing I have learned from the networking and some coaching I have had is where my limits are and don’t go into debt. I am not a fan of it anyway.
My other project in the works requires no start up funds on my part and has slightly caught on. I am excited about that.
I am reformatting my business and life plan to make this right. Starting a company is like the growing pains of life. I know it will get there and I just need to be patient. I have a 30 day out clause in the contract that I wrote with my current web guy and am utilizing that out. It is unfortunate that I gave him some other business and I now feel I have to hang on until these people are taken care of. I now understand why he doesn’t have any paying clients. Lesson learned, I hope.

Yesterday we also woke to 4-5 inches of heavy wet snow, it’s May. I am wondering if we will have a nice breezy spring for summer. It is cold yet again today. Warm clothes required.

Moving and an moving up.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Goals are a good thing

Some of you know my plan to spend Christmas in Hawaii this year. I just got off the phone with a travel agent and found out two great things. It's affordable at three thousand dollars, and there are no days at sea which I hate. You fly to Hawaii and board. You spend a lot of time on the islands and I am now excited to be standing on my paddle board in the ocean on Christmas day. I think we can makes this happen.

Here is goal #2

I am still working on this one, but this baby will be mine, bought and paid for never a payment.


I have hired a sales woman-this could be good or bad since I am not so fond of dealing with women in my business. All my contractor’s are male, and since they are not employees I can do that. I have high hopes for this woman as she comes extremely recommended, owns a couple businesses of her own and loves the one thing I don’t…People (or people in this state I should clarify).

I get to spend all day today and this weekend revamping my rate sheets, and writing a detailed job description and what my business is all about. Things I should have already had done. Sales people are great, I am not so bad at it myself but very much prefer to remain in the back of the business. With out sales people we would not have a lot of companies, most actually. I am excited, nervous and everything in between.

Here is where I sound like a hypocrite. I think women should help other women in business; we should support each other and help hold each other up. The second business I am in the midst of launching does just that. I know I said I don’t like to deal with women in business and I don’t, but I like to deal with women in their businesses. There is no way to come out of this looking good. It is what it is. Most of you women know exactly what I am talking about, right?

The site is progressing, I have two big clients that I am calling anchors-I am still having a lot of issues with my web guy. I actually interviewed a firm here locally and when it was over my web guy called. How do men just know to do that? It’s like he knows he can push me so far and test a bit farther each time. I have one foot off the ledge jack so watch it.
I am starting a package business that offers women a packet of information on the how to do it, or another where I will step in and do all the incorporation, the Federal, the contrasts, research and website for a fee. I will also provide them with a great directory of useful information and other great business owners that can help them on their journey. Everything I wish I would have had both times starting out in my ventures. This is a work in progress and I have no idea how it will work out. I do have my first appointment Saturday with a woman looking to launch a new company.

For now I will focus on how to train my sales rep, look for another, and hope with all I have this finally starts showing more of a profit.

On a positive note-I quit smoking cold turkey six years ago today and we have had our puppy, Ruby, one year today.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

New space & things could be looking up~

What a difference a space makes. When we moved into this house ten years ago we bought a cheap $19.00 desk from Target. Ten years, a growing business, wear and tear and the desk was just not cutting it anymore. With a new desk being the furthest expense from my mind, imagine my surprise when one of my husband’s co-workers decided to move to Florida and sell everything in his house for next to nothing. Today I got a like new in mint condition workstation with a hutch that has built in lights and a matching table/filing cabinet that makes for a perfect L. All for the great price of $30.00.

If I had to guess I would say new this light wood set was over $200.00 with an added $75-100 for the additional filing table. Now, I just need to figure out how to readjust everything so it feels cozy to work here. I am so happy with my new very nice and inexpensive work platform. Space is awesome and I was so sick of tossing stuff on the floor when there was no room on my tiny desk. It drives us neat freaks crazy.

Cool thing #2-My business phone was ringing this morning and oddly enough I answered it. It was someone wanting to buy an ad and his friend, too. Before I even had my morning coffee or changed into real clothes I make a few hundred bucks. Not bad for a gloomy Saturday.

Friday, April 23, 2010

What the???

April showers bring May flowers~  Taken at 1:00 pm today.

What about April snow? What does that bring? School closings, headaches and outright disgust, that’s what.
I was okay with the current rain flow, but then, without warning…snow. I thought we were possibly done; my puppy thinks it snows just for her and couldn’t be happier. Heavy wet snow. YUCK!

Monday, April 19, 2010


This time of the year pleasantly brings on my allergies and a sinus infection. I know when I have them and the protocol. I had to make an appointment to see my doctor today as I have reached that stage of protocol.

Apparently, family doctors are not only busy on Monday’s, but crabby, less attentive and quicker than a fast food drive thru. I interviewed all around town until I found this doctor, now I get to do it again. A nurse told me it is better for adults to see internist since they don’t typically see children and are less stressed and have more time. Hmmm, could have told me that months ago.

I know I have swollen lymph nodes, no peak at the nose, a quick listen to my lungs, no blood work to check out where the white count is sitting, but I was given antibiotics and a handshake and out the door he went.

I pay $700.00 a month for insurance for service like that. Nice huh?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is it about starting a business that makes you lose all your intelligence? I have gone into fight or flight response recently and my first thought was- flee. Run, go someplace nice and never look back. I am a fighter so here I stay, my brain powering draining, my smarts evaporating, what little patience I did have is gone. I doubt myself constantly, my decision making sucks and I have now taken on another potential project.

I am not a fan of money going out and not coming in and that seems to be what is going on right now. I am frugal and hate seeing my bank account get angry. I have a set failure limit on this business. That was the smartest piece of advice I got. Set a limit, if you start to go over that limit with out seeing a return. STOP. I am a few hundred dollars away form that stopping point.

In the meantime I think spring may have arrived. Two weeks in a row we were able to do yard work with no snow. Aside from hurricane type winds here and there I think the better weather is on its way. I woke up one morning last week, as I was picking up my paper I noticed my neighbor’s tree had blossomed over night. It has all these pretty white little flowers. My paths where I walk are starting to bud and the daffodils and tulips are up. I enjoy my walks much more when the trees have leaves and flowers are in bloom.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am running in too many blank directions with my business venture. It is causing me issues, like I don’t have enough already.

My web guy said to me: Second guessing kills. Don’t do it. A sweet statement but he has never lived in the mind of a woman.

With so many setbacks I am hoping this is a full throttle week. I was invited to a huge networking meeting on the 22nd and would like to have gotten much further in my site by then.

I still don’t like that everyone prefers to do business electronically. I get sick of waiting for replies, waiting for changes, phone calls, text messages, all of it. People’s manners are just as bad electronically as they are in real life, so why not just do real life?

I am slowly collecting a small group of people to work with. Issues aside I like the web guy. My copywriter has a great personality, she is super prompt and does great follow up, and she kind of impresses me. It is great when you can find people that match your personality and so far I have been lucky enough to grab some smart and witty people. I am still looking for another sales person. So much so, that I tried to steal the guy in customer service for a magazine subscription I have. He would have been so good. To bad he was in Iowa.

The health front-

I had a kinesiology specialist come over and I have a great training program to use for a few weeks and then it will be changed again. I am also thinking of buying P90X. I have seen some insane results on people who use that.

Just over four months to go until the big day. Since I hope to be in Chicago at the Jazz fest with my people, I would like tank top arms and a tight rear. I am doing 300 lunges a week and slowly moving to 500. I am determined. Six days a week on weights, seven on the walking and three or four running. My knees were killing me and a doctor friend of my suggested fish oil 4 grams a day. It has been over a week and my left knee has stopped hurting. I hope it is the fish oil.

With this turning 40 deal I have started sunscreen my neck and chest area daily and moisturizing like crazy at night. I even found a wrinkle in my forehead that if not from sleeping may get Botox. I said I would never ever do that, but I think I may just be vain enough to get rid of that line. A girlfriend of mine said “Vanity will start creeping in after 40”. Wrong, it happens a few months before.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where do they come from? Really, does anyone know?

Last week and this week I posted ads for Copywriters and Sales people. I know I shouldn’t be shocked by the responses, but I am.

Copywriter from Florida didn’t know what it meant to write copy. Had never worked on a website, but he liked commercials and thought he’d come up with something (somethan is what he said) catchy. He would even toss me up a couple for frees (yes he said frees not me). I didn’t hang up on him which was a proud moment for me, but I couldn’t stop laughing. He actually sent me something that said Have it your way with us for 20% off. Isn’t that a BK commercial, minus the 20% off? My favorite will remain the guy that sent me the samples of his writing on the message boards, he is the great winner, but was not hired. In the end I went with a really smart magazine and web writer in Buffalo New York, and imagine my surprise when she knew the lingo, sent the work right over and didn’t get all perverted. One down two to go.

I received four resumes this morning, one girl had her name at the bottom of the page and had Objective---her statement—Qualifications. All in one sentence and all bold underlined. The whole resume was underlined. Claims she has a bachelor’s in English, but works at the candy store in Boulder, stocking shelves and decorating.

Another that was sent to me I assume was an email written resume in all lower case, no caps what so ever and in a single column all the way down the page.

Another that is currently a home health aide; she states she is great with people and listed changing elderly diapers in the job description. At the end of her resume it said…wait for it…collowdge edacated…NO KIDDING!

Maybe these things are meant to humor me and humble me. The humbling part is not working. I just need two good sales people who just have to be good at sales, not even Collowdge educated.

Friday, April 2, 2010

 For anyone that actually knows me in real life, you know I live in my own world. Things in the real world don’t always seem to work out like they play out in my head. For me, this is a problem. While I have been living in my business bubble things have been cheery, amazingly successful and the money has been wonderful. I have my Mercedes SUV, I travel monthly, and I am expanding business and starting a few new ones. Who would have thought most of this could be done in pajamas with bad hair? When I am sore and bored I get a massage and a Pedi and all is right with my world again, or, at least until I come back for my visit to your world.

In real life, however, things have not been going the way they are playing out in my head. This leads me to believe once again the book The Secret was a load of crap.

In the real world, where most of you live and I just choose to visit from time to time, this is what is really going on:
I have been greatly slacking on my duties after complaining about Mr. Web guy, who has been doing his job and mine all week long.
I have been dealing with “I feel like an idiot copywriter guy” who is still embarrassed over his drunken mouth.
I have failed to get a schedule going, writing done, more advertising in, and sales reps hired. I apparently have loads of time to sit and think about all the stuff I need to get done, making several To Do lists daily. I think I tossed forty out this week alone.

What am I doing about it? I am making more to do lists, that’s what. I have put out ads for other web copy writers, and the resumes and response has been insane and some of these people are down right…they leave me speechless. I had someone actually send me links to where their writing was, and it was public posting boards, yes, really! Bad spelling and grammar, I have enough problems with that myself, I don’t need to correct someone else’s that wants to be paid. A public posting. I finally got to putting in ads for sales reps, and have my fingers crossed that I get some bites. Which means I will have to turn my legal brain back on, and have all the contracts and IRS forms I need for an Independent contractor, as well as coming up with commissions percentages and incentives, fun fun.

I have hours and hours of work to do, but yet I sit and daydream about all I could have and not working to try and get it. Fear of failure strikes again. I tried to make Friday (Good Friday) productive and good, and got basically nothing done. There is always hope for Monday.

Today’s mood is daydreaming…still

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sorting out the issues or trying

So, the main idea of this site was to be about reinventing myself. Right now I am in a constant state of stress and reinvention is becoming a slow forgotten process. When people think of owning their own business, being successful and the money that they want to make seem within reach, of course-we fail see the obstacles. I believe that is true for many of us. I went into my ad adventure thinking this would be a piece of cake, it would all fall into place and the money would pour in. The funny thing about that is, I am a very practical and analytical person and I knew in the back of my head this would not be true. I just didn't expect it to be this frustrating.

Web guy issues-I had another two hour power talk with the web guy, he suggested maybe we "break up" "end the relationship", I agreed. An odd way of saying it, but it greatly humored me. In the end, much like a tumultuous marriage, we have decided to give it another go, communicate better, and what to expect and not from each other. Women, if all men could do this no one would ever bitch about their partners again. Will it happen this way? Who knows? I was given some advice from my writer. He said "all people in this business are flaky; if you can find someone you like as a person, then suck it up and deal with it". So, I guess I am sucking it up since I do like this guy as a person.

My professional writer turned out to be kind of a perv, but that is a whole other post. Maybe he is not my writer after all. Figures I find a guy that writes web copy and gets freaky.

I have a list for this site that is so long my stressful tea drinking water days continue. I feel the pressure to succeed, mostly by my standards. And have no clue where to start. I am good at the legal, the organizing of it all and now I am challenged. What if I fail? I don’t just let myself down, but my husband, my friend’s and of course, my on the rocks web guy. It is me that would be the most disappointed. I am not a fan of failure of any kind at all.
My hours are sporadic at best, I have been putting things off and I need to get a schedule going. I am not giving it my all, but am giving it my best stress. If I could make a career out of anxiety we would all be rich.

Today’s mood is floating.

Monday, March 29, 2010

I have new business bi-polar. My moods are going every which way. I feel great and positive that all will work out well; become creative with a host of new ideas, and then two hours later...I am ready to throw in the towel. People don't call back, they don't respond, they quit, they flake, it is one thing after another. Finding the positive in all of it is often hard.

Mr. Web is back to kind of doing what he has said, but he is a totally different person at night than during the day. I like consistency and am not getting it. I will look at this as he is helping me pour the foundation of my business and will see what happens when I get to the rest of the structure. I did learn no weekend contact with him will give me a better weekend.

My last web guy that flaked has done it to a couple others-I don't feel singled out anymore. I always preach organization, and my office is a pit. I do think that has something to do with my current mood swings. I need a bigger desk with more space.

On the plus side (sorta) all the stress from this new business has caused me to drop 12.5 pounds in the last week. Some say this isn’t good, but I am certain that it is stress and like the way my clothes fit this week.

How to conquer the business bi-polar should be an article on my site.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Again I wait. Mr. Web guy was supposed to go into my site move a few things around and get back to me. That was Friday morning. It is Sunday morning. I am okay with a "busy weekend" will catch you Monday" something like that. The nothing at all drives me crazy. This is still about bad manners. There are manners with emails, people.

When doing an ad site the beginning layout should be like an open house. Presentable for potential buyers, and clean lines and easy to see-not messy. Right now I am on messy. He's messy.

I had this same issue with said web guy last week. He called, we worked it out for four hours on the phone, or so I thought. I don't have four more phone hours and really just need this done.

Problem two-I like said web guy, he is funny, charming and does good work when he actually does it. However, when you go to look at his site, it's blank. He also has no business cards. Why is this important? Because when you are in his line of work the first thing people look at is your personal site and then ask for a business card.

I am way to organized to work with these artsy types. One way or another they are all the same, and it truly sucks.
Good thing I bought the book on the site he installed. A woman's work is truly never done, and if you want it done right, do it yourself.

Friday, March 26, 2010


It is a questionable day. Why do people have such bad manners at all ages? Why do they need to talk on their cell phones in my car about strange crap I don't want to hear, in the stores, the doctors where they have a clear sign that say "PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CELL PHONE" and everywhere else? Why is it I think I am unapproachable, my family and friend's tell me I have an unapproachable look, but people I just meet spill their needy life stories to me all the time?

Why will spring not come? Why is it going to snow again today?

Why on earth did I let a business relationship cross that fine line? Lastly, what the hell is a matter with me lately?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am very fond of my web guy and when I didn't hear back from him-I panicked. I got sick of feeling all stressed out and emailed him. He has no intentions on going anywhere and was just finishing a big project. A quick email to say "hey I’m tied up for a day or so" would have been nice. I am happy he is still around, but fearful he could leave. This sounds like the beginning of a bad teenage relationship.

For now all is well.

With the service for my grandpa ending today I was shocked at my reaction. I think it is a culmination of things going on in my life, but I was actually sad I couldn't be there after talking with everyone of my relatives I have not seen since my sister's wedding in 2001. They told me I was there in spirit and had great fun telling all the old stories. I think that is what I missed and the tribute that as done to my dad for being the one of his four siblings that stepped up and took care of my grandfather. It sounded like a good send off for a charming, funny and silly man that everyone loved.
When you move far away from family in some aspects you become far removed. Death is sad, it is the end of a generation and you have the memories left, but when you are so far away you sometimes don't have the heavy grief that the people who are there daily do.
I miss the man I knew as I child, but had not seen but once in seventeen years or more. They grieve the man they knew daily. My aunt told me today that my grandpa got to see every one of his five children within the five days before his death. Something he had not done in awhile, and he was completely lucid. I think it happened that way for a reason.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have more SNOW-10 inches and counting. It took my husband 3 hours of sitting on the highway 11 miles from our house to get home this evening. They say 6+ more for Wednesday. I am so damn sick of this. I was in a tank top this morning sitting outside drinking my tea and chatting on the phone. Yesterday was close to 70. I need the wealth of Donald Trump or Bill Gates so I can purchase an island for me and my friend's in the winter months.

This now leads me to Rant #2

I searched, I interviewed and found what I thought was a great web guy. We had a great connection, communication was good and then I don't hear back from him. Now I could be freaking out prematurely but something just tells me I am not. I have invested time, money and a lot of thought and fear into this business. I have found great writers, content and am ready to really get this going and now this. I am far from an emotional person, but this has me on the verge of something. I feel like I am climbing and climbing and getting no where. Is there a sign I am missing? I really liked this guy too. Why would you sign a six page legal document and then...I really hope I am wrong.
Rant #3 I went to the doctor for a check up on my arm and they ended up doing a biopsy on my stomach/hip area. I hate waiting for test results and will now find all kinds of crazy crap going though my head. The upside is my doctor is smoking hot and I was wearing good panties. Really, that is the up side.

Rant #4 My grandfather's viewing was this evening and everyone was there but me. I am not one for funerals but my sister called with such funny tails and how excited everyone was to see her family and my mom, with talk of the old days and wondering all about me. My dad has a big family that we have never been a huge part of, but they are the type that makes you wish you had a really big family when you’re with them. If that makes any sense. My niece clung to my dad as she was so excited to see him and when asked why she did that she said “I was just going with the moment". Gotta love a six year old. If we could all just go with the moment.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

As a kid I had a really cool grandfather. I didn’t know him much in my adult life, but have the greatest memories of going to the park, riding his bicycle built for two to the candy store and him always talking baby talk to all of us grandkids. I think the four older ones got the best of his time. He was a funny good guy and everyone loves him. I last saw him in 2006 and have pictures of that day. It as the first day I had seen him in a decade-I suppose. He had just moved in with my dad and been recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an evil disease. For all those years he has been living with my dad and his girlfriend. He took care of him where his four siblings didn’t seem to have the time. Which also seems common with that disease. He was progressing to a state where he was going to go to a home as my dad didn’t feel he could give him around the clock care he now required, something that bothered my dad who has not had a life of his own for many years. He didn’t want his dad to be scared and in unfamiliar territory which scared him greatly. May 1st was the date he was going to move into a unit where they could care for his disease.

Today when my dad got home from work my grandfather asked him how his day was like he did everyday, and then my dad asked his dad about his day.
My dad went to warm up his dinner and in the time it took to hit the microwave button my grandfather was gone. He died in his chair after having his last ritual exchange with his eldest son. My dad says he knows he waited for him to get home, and I hope he is finding peace with that as I believe it to be true. He performed CPR on him until the ambulance came, but he was already gone in the 30 seconds my dad had left the room. I can’t imagine the pain my dad is in, but do know we have great peace knowing that he left this world taken care of, loved and so very quickly that he felt nothing, and will now never have to experience being scared in a home that was unfamiliar to him. So many families watch their loved ones deteriorate with this disease, and even with a sad heart I feel blessed for my dad and his, that he was able to leave this world in a flash with some of himself still left, and all the great memories he left behind.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Excitement and fear are looming both in equal portions. My site is up, it is not filled with great writing, ads and all the buzz, but it's up. Wow! I am trying so hard not to jinx myself, but I really like my new non rocker, responsible, does what he says web guy. Did I mention he doesn't even live in my state? He is in the Bay area and communicates like a gem.

Saturday night I got a call from B, she is my sales telemarketer if you will. She called to tell me that she is still interested in doing sales for me but doesn't want any money until I start making money. That she loves me and just wants to support my venture. What a woman. The only thing she asked for was a cell phone so that she didn't have to make calls from her home phone. I think that is more than reasonable and will be getting her one. I am pretty hopeful that I will see enough success to take the people that helped make this happen to Hawaii with me for the holidays. Even my guy from the Bay. I wish I could find a way to pause my mind so that I could keep this good feeling a bit longer.
I have been listening to the Tony Robbins series on my iPod everyday and like him or not, he knows what he is talking about. I highly recommend his series Personal Power. I am now fascinated with Neuro science and mind conditioning (not scary scientology crap)

Being self employed is a very scary thing-you only have your self to blame if you fail. The process from idea to insemination can be daunting and stressful on all relationships around you. I have found this out personally. I am hoping it has all been worth it.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My countdown to 40 is coming a bit faster than I am comfortable with. I have goals to meet and now feel like I am on a total panic deadline. I weighed myself today. Hmmm-how will I get to where I want to be by the end of August? I do have a trainer who will be coming twice a week, the coconut M & M's I found can be burned off in those sessions, right? Didn't think so.

My launch date has been moved, I have a To Do list a mile long, I have not been lifting weights, doing my great yoga, or eating protein in the morning. I am going to be a broke chubby schlep by the time I turn 40 if I don't go buy some willpower and motivation at Target today. A great excuse to Target not that I need one. With the milestone approaching at rapid speed I need to step up my game.

Has anyone else noticed that when you were a kid time took forever, and as an adult is goes almost to the speed of light? I hope gravity doesn’t come that fast.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

So, my web designer was a flake. Apparently, even in your mid forties and jobless the dream of being a rock star never dies.
I have been interviewing for four days now and what a process. First-people simply just can't follow instructions or read. Two-I think the people in this Rocky Mountain state have bad work ethics- must be lack of air.
Then I get my business cards and the font is like a 6. So much joy going on I can barley stand it.

I won't even get started on the no call backs from other professionals, and the one (kind of) friend that I am going to now have to fire from my life since I have decided that no Flakisim is allowed anymore. I just don't have the time or room for it, and frankly, don't know why other people put up with this type of crap, either.

With such joy surrounding me I now get to do my other least favorite thing. Drive right into the heart of the city, all the big trucks, bad drivers and stress that goes with having to get on to 70. Fun stuff!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March Launch?

The year is already starting to fly by. Now if spring would just catch up with it.

With today being March 1st, I feel the pressure of my site building. I am still completely floored at the extremely poor business manners I have been dealing with. How can you succeed in life in general with such poor manners, follow though, and so on? I am pretty sure it is not just me.
I think the positive that has come from all of this is I have been teaching myself how to build a website and other aspects that I may have waited to learn. In the end you can really only count on yourself in business, especially when it’s your business.
My next business rant is on Communication: People email me, want me to email back, schedule times to email, Text or just Facebook or Tweet them. Honestly, I don’t think I can ever get 100% use to that. I think when doing business deals there should be an actual conversations, real face to face or webcam meetings and then follow up emails. I met a Business Coach that runs most of her business though technology. If I am paying you a lot of money per hour or session (I’m not, just saying) I want to “talk” to you, not read from you, Facebook with you, and I don’t even know how to Tweet, the word alone disturbs me. Even as I say that I know it is a possibility that I will one day need a business Twitter account. Not happily, but I will do what I have to do to ride the successful business wave.

My Launch date for the site is mid March, providing I can figure out what the heck I’m doing. It has been a huge learning curve. I have owned my own business before, and was fairly successful, but I was too young to see what I had. I know what kind of people I don’t want working for me, and know that the lower the overhead the higher the profit. I didn’t know that last time.
I am a big reader, love books. I also love recommendations for books. I have been really reading a lot of business and marketing books lately, and anyone reading this who has read a good motivating business book, feel free to share.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

People want a job but they don't want to work

I am so confused. Jobs are not easy to find, people are having a hard time making ends meet, and yet, the people who are suppose to be working on my site with me are not writing, returning phone calls, signing contracts, or anything else they said they were going to do. I think this high altitude makes the people here a bit stuck on stupid or lazy. My vote is out.
I am sure when they have no money and need five minutes of work I will hear back.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Manners all around

Manners-a lost art

Remember the good old days where people say Thank you, Please, held doors and didn’t try and run you over with their cars?
After being backed into today physically (I’m not hurt) I was informed by this bitch that it was my job to look out for her, and then she stared swearing at me. Really? Anyone that knows me would be afraid for her about right now; did I mention she was maybe late sixties? I had my words with no holding back and witnesses, but in the end decided she was not going to ruin my day and she almost hit another car on her way out, I am not kidding.
Then the woman at the post office who I let go ahead of me (she had screaming kids) gave me a dirty look and stormed in front of me all entitled. There was no “Thanks” involved at all, and on her way out she couldn’t be bothered to hold the door for the older gentleman behind her. Rudeness is everywhere, and it is so hard not to be taken into it and responsive (which I normally am). I still hold doors, allow the person with only one item to go ahead, I say please, I return phones calls, emails and letters in a timely manner. I think maybe I am the one over doing it, and my expectations for everyone else are just to damn high.
I have two contractors that have not yet bothered to read or sign their contracts for employment, an attorney that was suppose to call me back a week ago, what is so important that we can’t do and get the simplest of things done? Is this just a bigger picture of what I have to expect in running my own business? I even had a deadline on the contracts. People just assume it is fine to get to all things manner related when they please. It is disturbing. Worse yet, people are teaching their kids these great traits and now there is a whole new world of wee brats running around.
My sister has two kids and has instilled phenomenal manners in both of them and doesn’t tolerate any rudeness or disrespect from either, and they don’t give it. I wish more people did that.
After spending far too much time in public today, I know for sure I made the right decision business wise. I would rather run a website than something public. I can sit in the background and only have to deal with all the craziness when it suits me.

All this and it’s not even 2:30 PM- I won’t even start in on customer service via phone~

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A quote

Do you ever hear or read quotes and they just strike you?

I heard this the other day, and thought, wow!

We are the average of the five people we are around the most~ Jim Rohn
I started thinking about that now and years past, and it makes sense. Have you ever hung out with someone who is really negative, controlling and mean, and found you started acting that way? Or, someone that is really great and just motivates you to want to be a better person? We often stay in friendships because we have had them for a really long time and feel we need to be loyal, even when we know the friendship has died. Being with people that you don't really like and are in your five can alter who you are to some degree.

The woman who used this quote used it in a snobby way. She said when she heard this she realized her Friend's were not going anywhere or were never going to be wealthy, and she knew she needed to surround herself with wealthy people so she could be more like them. I thought that was shallow and snobby. I took it this quote differently, I guess. I took it to mean character and integrity. It was an impressive quote.
Here is a few others by the same man.

"Don't just read the easy stuff. You may be entertained by it, but you will never grow from it."

"Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better."

"The most important question to ask in a job is not what am I getting but what am I becoming."

Friday, February 19, 2010

Random Updates

My latest read on the MLC isn’t proving to be helpful. I think it is something I will just have to suck up and shake off. I can’t afford that Mercedes SUV so I suppose I can’t go total Mid life now can I?

My website project: I am in the midst of starting an affordable local advertising website, and after dragging my feet it is slowly starting to go places. I say that in the sense that I have an idea of where I want it to go and am going to pay my web guy. I have a few great writers that I am excited about and am still taking suggestions for what kind of content people like to see/read when visiting a website. I am hoping success is looming!

My healthy lifestyle: For those of you who read my other blog, all two of you. It is finally making sense. Not just the eating and walking. The total package-feeling better and really wanting to be better. I don’t want to go into my next decade overweight, whining that this and that hurts (It kind of does) and not be the best me I can be. I think I am really truly getting it. I started running on my treadmill; I guess it’s not just for looks it actually works if you plug it in. I LOVE the feeling I get when my heart is pumping hard and my endorphins are blasting away. It is the coolest kind of high. All that in just a couple minutes. I am working my way to more time…baby steps.

Stomach issues still unresolved but I got sick of dealing with it. I think it could be food allergies.
Mental state: Still unknown

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Midlife Crisis

I feel like I am having and have been having a Midlife crisis for sometime. I started researching it and it is pretty common. I am not sure how common at 39, but common going into the next two decades.

Since I am constantly thinking of how I can reinvent myself, I thought it was just a thing we women do at 40. Shed our skin and have a rebirth or sorts. I guess this can also be part of the "Crisis". This does not just happen during menopause as some may think. I am not the rarity that I thought I was, thank goodness.

I have not gone as far as to make dramatic changes, I just think about doing it. Here are some other things it says we feel or think about while our minds are swirling with confusion:

Change for the sake of change-I am feeling this a lot.

Questioning everything in one’s life and feeling “trapped”- A bit

Sudden obsession with appearance and spending inordinate amounts of time the mirror- I don’t do this but am having the same body image issues I had as a teen. I am aware I can’t have my teen body back, but would still like to have a great shape again.

Excessive reminiscing about youth and previous loves- No, I would if I was allowed a do over pass.

Self admission- Yes, a bit.

I do wonder if we women just have better self control than men, since they normally cheat, workout more, buy stupid cars and so on. I would blow money on a Mercedes SUV, but have planned on that before this unplanned attack on my mind. So, it doesn't count.

I have zero stress about turning 40, but am starting to become more stressed out over my current state of mind, or lack there of.
Since I can't seem to figure this all out, I started reading The Breaking Point, by Sue Shellenbarger.
Hopefully I will learn something.

If this is a rebirth-I want to come out looking more like Cindy Crawford. Let the butterfly emerge. Sooner rather than later, please!

P.S. I would like a side dose of my sanity back, too. Maybe more enlightened if possible.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Brain Storming

One of my goals before turning 40 is to get my business started-off the ground and hopefully with some decent income coming in. It has been a very strange weekend, one with a lot of thought, ideas and simple wonderment. I am a list girl, a big list girl. At any given time you could find at minimum ten to do list and fifty or more post it notes with ideas on them. I have a bad post it addiction. I went though some of the post its, thought about things I do and don't need, things I can and can't live without and renewed, for now, my motivation. Of course it helps that I have a couple decent clients that I will be working with. It will in actually cost me $20 a month or so to run the business. That is not the extras like a reliable web designer and graphics person, and that is per job and not that costly. My new clients check technically will cover the next six months of my service hosting and phone bill. Not bad. Now I just need to get to the bank and open a checking account.
I have been brainstorming like a mad woman. Aside from my ad site, I am looking at some other really great Internet marketing ideas to work on. I have had the good fortune to meet some great people and successful people that are in the same field. It is always great to compare notes and observe what others in your interested field are doing and succeeding at.

If you were to stumble upon a local ad site in your area what kinds of articles and tidbits would get your attention and keep you coming back? I would love to hear!

Friday, February 5, 2010

I have been very ungraciously spinning all week long. Trying to look for part time employment as well as get my very large to do list checked off. When you own your own business and it hasn't really launched just yet, you have no one else to help with the list. I listen to a lot of podcasts and one touched on this subject in a way that has me making some changes. Marketing can't wait, the intro can't wait, I have a lot of stuff on hold and I need to chip at it bit by bit until it gets done.

While on my hunt for employment I found a new client for my ad businesses, it turns out he also wants me to set up a simple website for him, do his logo, legalize his business, and the best part...he does PR for some other great companies locally and would be willing to pass my information out for discounted ads. I am a bit excited and have yet to finish his bid, that whole slacking big list is in my way. I will be getting started on that as soon as I am done with this post. Who knew that a simple local ad site would have a to do list of fifty things?

On my mission to reinvent I went and had my hair cut short. I needed a change and I think with all things there is an age appropriate way to be. I have never in my life had a blunt bob, but I do now. I can moose it and go curly or blow it straight for a nice professional look. I am liking it. I really wanted to do a Diane Keaton cut, but I am just not there yet. Small changes.

I am curious to why it seems like only men do internet marketing, and I can't find any women out there that have succeeded at it or are educated in it. Any information on this subject would be welcomed.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

As women we reinvent ourselves constantly. Thinking back over the years there are many things that drove me crazy that wouldn't faze me today, I know what I want and for the most part where I am going, these things I didn't know in my twenties or early thirties, but I sure thought I did. At twenty I knew everything, looking back, I didn't know much. In my thirties I started to get it, by 35, I felt the shift again and it is going on again right now. It has been a strange and interesting journey. I am looking forward to chapter two as I have recently heard it called, I think it makes it sounds like we have a whole book of life left to finish.
I found it ironic that after I started this blog all my magazines I subscribe to were about reinventing yourself.
I have many goals I would like to reach and had set many years ago for this birthday. I feel excitement and stress about what I will and won't get done, but will focus on the will for right now.

I am not sure what direction I will take this blog, and have already deleted all the posts once. This time I will just go with the flow, I don't need perfection, just an outlet.