Tuesday, June 29, 2010


In the last month or so I have been helping people with their Start Up’s. For a fee, I provide the legal, the research, a list of ideas, I set up a system if need be, and I make a lot of phone calls on the clients behalf. If they are local they will also get a one month free ad on my site.

What I have learned is I need a client intelligence class. A coach, a mentor, and all the advice I can get from people who have issues with clients sucking the life out of them. When I was doing divorces and Wills, I collected a fee, did the paperwork and never heard from them again. Minus one or two that still call for other paperwork, but what I have found with helping someone launch a business/product is this…Most are very difficult to deal with, and maybe someone with a Type A personality isn’t the one to be doing it.

Currently I have a couple clients that call my home, office and cell phone consecutively-over and over until they reach me. One called 16 times on my home phone, on Sunday.

Never make calls from your home phone, even with a block number some cell phones still pick it up. Get a P.O box, when they know where you live, they show up, this happened Sunday, too. It seems like if you are paid a fee, they sign a contract outlining EXACTLY what you will do for them, they still think they own a piece of you.

It is a boundaries issue, and apparently an issue I am currently having in all phases of my life. It seems odd since I am the most outspoken person I know.

I feel like a completely drained battery that has not be taken of the box yet. I wish patience could be purchased.