Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am very fond of my web guy and when I didn't hear back from him-I panicked. I got sick of feeling all stressed out and emailed him. He has no intentions on going anywhere and was just finishing a big project. A quick email to say "hey I’m tied up for a day or so" would have been nice. I am happy he is still around, but fearful he could leave. This sounds like the beginning of a bad teenage relationship.

For now all is well.


Sonya said...

LOL, Im just glad he is sticking around!!! Hang in there:)

Medical Librarian said...

Perfect analogy. Love it!!

I'm glad he's still around, and I'm so excited for when the site goes live.

The Reivention of Woman said...

I am so so happy he has not flaked.

The Reivention of Woman said...
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