Sunday, March 28, 2010

Again I wait. Mr. Web guy was supposed to go into my site move a few things around and get back to me. That was Friday morning. It is Sunday morning. I am okay with a "busy weekend" will catch you Monday" something like that. The nothing at all drives me crazy. This is still about bad manners. There are manners with emails, people.

When doing an ad site the beginning layout should be like an open house. Presentable for potential buyers, and clean lines and easy to see-not messy. Right now I am on messy. He's messy.

I had this same issue with said web guy last week. He called, we worked it out for four hours on the phone, or so I thought. I don't have four more phone hours and really just need this done.

Problem two-I like said web guy, he is funny, charming and does good work when he actually does it. However, when you go to look at his site, it's blank. He also has no business cards. Why is this important? Because when you are in his line of work the first thing people look at is your personal site and then ask for a business card.

I am way to organized to work with these artsy types. One way or another they are all the same, and it truly sucks.
Good thing I bought the book on the site he installed. A woman's work is truly never done, and if you want it done right, do it yourself.


Medical Librarian said...

I like the comparison between an ad site and an open house showing. So true!

I hope everything goes okay with the web guy since you obviously like him a lot. I share your frustrations, though, and the blank site of his own is, um, odd.

Keeping my fingers crossed that everything comes together, and you can take the site live soon!!!