Monday, March 29, 2010

I have new business bi-polar. My moods are going every which way. I feel great and positive that all will work out well; become creative with a host of new ideas, and then two hours later...I am ready to throw in the towel. People don't call back, they don't respond, they quit, they flake, it is one thing after another. Finding the positive in all of it is often hard.

Mr. Web is back to kind of doing what he has said, but he is a totally different person at night than during the day. I like consistency and am not getting it. I will look at this as he is helping me pour the foundation of my business and will see what happens when I get to the rest of the structure. I did learn no weekend contact with him will give me a better weekend.

My last web guy that flaked has done it to a couple others-I don't feel singled out anymore. I always preach organization, and my office is a pit. I do think that has something to do with my current mood swings. I need a bigger desk with more space.

On the plus side (sorta) all the stress from this new business has caused me to drop 12.5 pounds in the last week. Some say this isn’t good, but I am certain that it is stress and like the way my clothes fit this week.

How to conquer the business bi-polar should be an article on my site.


Medical Librarian said...

Seriously, yes--How to Conquer the Business Bipolar is a fantastic title/idea worth exploring. I think you could do a whole series about starting a business.

After all, isn't the American Dream really about being self-employed/having your own business and being successful at it?

Not to make light of the too-quick weight loss, but D*MN, girl--12.5 pounds in one week?? Can you pass some of that stress my way. Oh, wait; I just gain weight when I'm stressed. Never mind. . . .

The Reivention of Woman said...

I simply can't eat when I am stressed out, I live on water and black tea and pace a lot.

The American Dream is damn stressful. I was thinking about adding a biz bi-polar something to the women in biz tab. I think we all get it.

Thanks for the great comment.