Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My countdown to 40 is coming a bit faster than I am comfortable with. I have goals to meet and now feel like I am on a total panic deadline. I weighed myself today. Hmmm-how will I get to where I want to be by the end of August? I do have a trainer who will be coming twice a week, the coconut M & M's I found can be burned off in those sessions, right? Didn't think so.

My launch date has been moved, I have a To Do list a mile long, I have not been lifting weights, doing my great yoga, or eating protein in the morning. I am going to be a broke chubby schlep by the time I turn 40 if I don't go buy some willpower and motivation at Target today. A great excuse to Target not that I need one. With the milestone approaching at rapid speed I need to step up my game.

Has anyone else noticed that when you were a kid time took forever, and as an adult is goes almost to the speed of light? I hope gravity doesn’t come that fast.


Medical Librarian said...

Coconut M & Ms? Really? Yum! Now I need some.


Summer vacation lasted forever as a kid, and now weeks seem to pass in almost a blur. I can't believe we're already in the third month of 2010.

Sonya said...

Wow coconut M&M's? Im missing out on everything now.
Time does go by fast now..waaay to fast. Growing up everything seemed to last forever and everyday was perfect(during the summer). Now I get up and do the same darn things everyday..something's gotta give..

The Reivention of Woman said...

My sister told me about the coconut M&M's but I couldn't find them here. I found them at Blockbuster. They are so sinfully good.

Everything does pass by in a blur now. This week is almost over and I have no clue where it went.