Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We have more SNOW-10 inches and counting. It took my husband 3 hours of sitting on the highway 11 miles from our house to get home this evening. They say 6+ more for Wednesday. I am so damn sick of this. I was in a tank top this morning sitting outside drinking my tea and chatting on the phone. Yesterday was close to 70. I need the wealth of Donald Trump or Bill Gates so I can purchase an island for me and my friend's in the winter months.

This now leads me to Rant #2

I searched, I interviewed and found what I thought was a great web guy. We had a great connection, communication was good and then I don't hear back from him. Now I could be freaking out prematurely but something just tells me I am not. I have invested time, money and a lot of thought and fear into this business. I have found great writers, content and am ready to really get this going and now this. I am far from an emotional person, but this has me on the verge of something. I feel like I am climbing and climbing and getting no where. Is there a sign I am missing? I really liked this guy too. Why would you sign a six page legal document and then...I really hope I am wrong.
Rant #3 I went to the doctor for a check up on my arm and they ended up doing a biopsy on my stomach/hip area. I hate waiting for test results and will now find all kinds of crazy crap going though my head. The upside is my doctor is smoking hot and I was wearing good panties. Really, that is the up side.

Rant #4 My grandfather's viewing was this evening and everyone was there but me. I am not one for funerals but my sister called with such funny tails and how excited everyone was to see her family and my mom, with talk of the old days and wondering all about me. My dad has a big family that we have never been a huge part of, but they are the type that makes you wish you had a really big family when you’re with them. If that makes any sense. My niece clung to my dad as she was so excited to see him and when asked why she did that she said “I was just going with the moment". Gotta love a six year old. If we could all just go with the moment.


Sonya said...

Wow thats to much snow..it's going to be 64 here today! Im so excited..lol

I cant believe the issues these web people have been giving you! I sure hope this guy calls and doesnt flake out.

A biopsy!?! please keep me updated ok? thats scarey.

It's hard being away from home when something like this happens. I know I will face it twice with my parents. I'm soryr you weren't able to be there!

Kym said...
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The Reivention of Woman said...

The snow is insane but still under what March normally gets here, I guess.
It is weird when people die and you not only live far away but have been far away for years. I think the reaction is different than when you see and talk to these people all the time.
I would have never made it out of here with the snow anyway.