Friday, April 2, 2010

 For anyone that actually knows me in real life, you know I live in my own world. Things in the real world don’t always seem to work out like they play out in my head. For me, this is a problem. While I have been living in my business bubble things have been cheery, amazingly successful and the money has been wonderful. I have my Mercedes SUV, I travel monthly, and I am expanding business and starting a few new ones. Who would have thought most of this could be done in pajamas with bad hair? When I am sore and bored I get a massage and a Pedi and all is right with my world again, or, at least until I come back for my visit to your world.

In real life, however, things have not been going the way they are playing out in my head. This leads me to believe once again the book The Secret was a load of crap.

In the real world, where most of you live and I just choose to visit from time to time, this is what is really going on:
I have been greatly slacking on my duties after complaining about Mr. Web guy, who has been doing his job and mine all week long.
I have been dealing with “I feel like an idiot copywriter guy” who is still embarrassed over his drunken mouth.
I have failed to get a schedule going, writing done, more advertising in, and sales reps hired. I apparently have loads of time to sit and think about all the stuff I need to get done, making several To Do lists daily. I think I tossed forty out this week alone.

What am I doing about it? I am making more to do lists, that’s what. I have put out ads for other web copy writers, and the resumes and response has been insane and some of these people are down right…they leave me speechless. I had someone actually send me links to where their writing was, and it was public posting boards, yes, really! Bad spelling and grammar, I have enough problems with that myself, I don’t need to correct someone else’s that wants to be paid. A public posting. I finally got to putting in ads for sales reps, and have my fingers crossed that I get some bites. Which means I will have to turn my legal brain back on, and have all the contracts and IRS forms I need for an Independent contractor, as well as coming up with commissions percentages and incentives, fun fun.

I have hours and hours of work to do, but yet I sit and daydream about all I could have and not working to try and get it. Fear of failure strikes again. I tried to make Friday (Good Friday) productive and good, and got basically nothing done. There is always hope for Monday.

Today’s mood is daydreaming…still


The Edge of London said...
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The Edge of London said...

Love, you are as funny online as in person and the phone. You are ten paces ahead of people trying to do the same thing. Check your inbox for a picture of Noah with the rock shirt you sent.
You are going to be brilliant. I promise.

Medical Librarian said...

Brilliant and very successful. Yes, I feel that, too!

Hoping that today is a productive day for you.