Saturday, April 24, 2010

New space & things could be looking up~

What a difference a space makes. When we moved into this house ten years ago we bought a cheap $19.00 desk from Target. Ten years, a growing business, wear and tear and the desk was just not cutting it anymore. With a new desk being the furthest expense from my mind, imagine my surprise when one of my husband’s co-workers decided to move to Florida and sell everything in his house for next to nothing. Today I got a like new in mint condition workstation with a hutch that has built in lights and a matching table/filing cabinet that makes for a perfect L. All for the great price of $30.00.

If I had to guess I would say new this light wood set was over $200.00 with an added $75-100 for the additional filing table. Now, I just need to figure out how to readjust everything so it feels cozy to work here. I am so happy with my new very nice and inexpensive work platform. Space is awesome and I was so sick of tossing stuff on the floor when there was no room on my tiny desk. It drives us neat freaks crazy.

Cool thing #2-My business phone was ringing this morning and oddly enough I answered it. It was someone wanting to buy an ad and his friend, too. Before I even had my morning coffee or changed into real clothes I make a few hundred bucks. Not bad for a gloomy Saturday.


Sonya said...

WOW thats awesome about the phone call and earning some dough:)

The workstation sounds awesome! what a great deal you got:)

Kym said...
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The Reivention of Woman said...

I love my new desk, all the extra space, who knew working at home could be more pleasent with a bigger desk and storage?

More dough is always good.

Medical Librarian said...

Wahoo!! Great Saturday.