Monday, April 19, 2010


This time of the year pleasantly brings on my allergies and a sinus infection. I know when I have them and the protocol. I had to make an appointment to see my doctor today as I have reached that stage of protocol.

Apparently, family doctors are not only busy on Monday’s, but crabby, less attentive and quicker than a fast food drive thru. I interviewed all around town until I found this doctor, now I get to do it again. A nurse told me it is better for adults to see internist since they don’t typically see children and are less stressed and have more time. Hmmm, could have told me that months ago.

I know I have swollen lymph nodes, no peak at the nose, a quick listen to my lungs, no blood work to check out where the white count is sitting, but I was given antibiotics and a handshake and out the door he went.

I pay $700.00 a month for insurance for service like that. Nice huh?


Medical Librarian said...

I'm sorry you're so miserable! The pollen count is ridiculously high this year; as in, 1500 is high, and Atlanta clocked in at just under 6000 this month. Hope you feel better soon with the antibiotics.

You felt like he just could have called in a prescription, didn't you, since he didn't really do anything to check on you? Frustrating.

Interesting comment about the internist vs the GP. I can't say I've found that to be true. I also take Maya to a pediatrician, so maybe I'm outside of the norm on many fronts.