Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Where do they come from? Really, does anyone know?

Last week and this week I posted ads for Copywriters and Sales people. I know I shouldn’t be shocked by the responses, but I am.

Copywriter from Florida didn’t know what it meant to write copy. Had never worked on a website, but he liked commercials and thought he’d come up with something (somethan is what he said) catchy. He would even toss me up a couple for frees (yes he said frees not me). I didn’t hang up on him which was a proud moment for me, but I couldn’t stop laughing. He actually sent me something that said Have it your way with us for 20% off. Isn’t that a BK commercial, minus the 20% off? My favorite will remain the guy that sent me the samples of his writing on the message boards, he is the great winner, but was not hired. In the end I went with a really smart magazine and web writer in Buffalo New York, and imagine my surprise when she knew the lingo, sent the work right over and didn’t get all perverted. One down two to go.

I received four resumes this morning, one girl had her name at the bottom of the page and had Objective---her statement—Qualifications. All in one sentence and all bold underlined. The whole resume was underlined. Claims she has a bachelor’s in English, but works at the candy store in Boulder, stocking shelves and decorating.

Another that was sent to me I assume was an email written resume in all lower case, no caps what so ever and in a single column all the way down the page.

Another that is currently a home health aide; she states she is great with people and listed changing elderly diapers in the job description. At the end of her resume it said…wait for it…collowdge edacated…NO KIDDING!

Maybe these things are meant to humor me and humble me. The humbling part is not working. I just need two good sales people who just have to be good at sales, not even Collowdge educated.


The Edge of London said...

You split my gut and hurt my cheeks. Maybe you should take the sign off your head and stop attracting these people. You once told me you must have a sign on your head.
I love edacted people, without them how would I look so brillianly charming and smart?
One step closer lovely, one step.

Medical Librarian said...

In a former position, the place I worked even hired the guy who didn't have a single sentence in his cover letter without at least one glaring error. Gee, what a surprise that he brought a serious lack of interest in succeeding to his position.

I'm glad you found a copywriter you connect with so well.

It's all coming together; just hang in there!!