Sunday, April 11, 2010

I am running in too many blank directions with my business venture. It is causing me issues, like I don’t have enough already.

My web guy said to me: Second guessing kills. Don’t do it. A sweet statement but he has never lived in the mind of a woman.

With so many setbacks I am hoping this is a full throttle week. I was invited to a huge networking meeting on the 22nd and would like to have gotten much further in my site by then.

I still don’t like that everyone prefers to do business electronically. I get sick of waiting for replies, waiting for changes, phone calls, text messages, all of it. People’s manners are just as bad electronically as they are in real life, so why not just do real life?

I am slowly collecting a small group of people to work with. Issues aside I like the web guy. My copywriter has a great personality, she is super prompt and does great follow up, and she kind of impresses me. It is great when you can find people that match your personality and so far I have been lucky enough to grab some smart and witty people. I am still looking for another sales person. So much so, that I tried to steal the guy in customer service for a magazine subscription I have. He would have been so good. To bad he was in Iowa.

The health front-

I had a kinesiology specialist come over and I have a great training program to use for a few weeks and then it will be changed again. I am also thinking of buying P90X. I have seen some insane results on people who use that.

Just over four months to go until the big day. Since I hope to be in Chicago at the Jazz fest with my people, I would like tank top arms and a tight rear. I am doing 300 lunges a week and slowly moving to 500. I am determined. Six days a week on weights, seven on the walking and three or four running. My knees were killing me and a doctor friend of my suggested fish oil 4 grams a day. It has been over a week and my left knee has stopped hurting. I hope it is the fish oil.

With this turning 40 deal I have started sunscreen my neck and chest area daily and moisturizing like crazy at night. I even found a wrinkle in my forehead that if not from sleeping may get Botox. I said I would never ever do that, but I think I may just be vain enough to get rid of that line. A girlfriend of mine said “Vanity will start creeping in after 40”. Wrong, it happens a few months before.


Medical Librarian said...

Know what's really sad? At my previous job, they actually hired the guy who couldn't get through a single sentence in his cover letter without making at least one glaring error.

And then they were really suprised when he lacked focus and didn't seem to even care about doing his job correctly.