Friday, February 5, 2010

I have been very ungraciously spinning all week long. Trying to look for part time employment as well as get my very large to do list checked off. When you own your own business and it hasn't really launched just yet, you have no one else to help with the list. I listen to a lot of podcasts and one touched on this subject in a way that has me making some changes. Marketing can't wait, the intro can't wait, I have a lot of stuff on hold and I need to chip at it bit by bit until it gets done.

While on my hunt for employment I found a new client for my ad businesses, it turns out he also wants me to set up a simple website for him, do his logo, legalize his business, and the best part...he does PR for some other great companies locally and would be willing to pass my information out for discounted ads. I am a bit excited and have yet to finish his bid, that whole slacking big list is in my way. I will be getting started on that as soon as I am done with this post. Who knew that a simple local ad site would have a to do list of fifty things?

On my mission to reinvent I went and had my hair cut short. I needed a change and I think with all things there is an age appropriate way to be. I have never in my life had a blunt bob, but I do now. I can moose it and go curly or blow it straight for a nice professional look. I am liking it. I really wanted to do a Diane Keaton cut, but I am just not there yet. Small changes.

I am curious to why it seems like only men do internet marketing, and I can't find any women out there that have succeeded at it or are educated in it. Any information on this subject would be welcomed.