Monday, February 8, 2010

Brain Storming

One of my goals before turning 40 is to get my business started-off the ground and hopefully with some decent income coming in. It has been a very strange weekend, one with a lot of thought, ideas and simple wonderment. I am a list girl, a big list girl. At any given time you could find at minimum ten to do list and fifty or more post it notes with ideas on them. I have a bad post it addiction. I went though some of the post its, thought about things I do and don't need, things I can and can't live without and renewed, for now, my motivation. Of course it helps that I have a couple decent clients that I will be working with. It will in actually cost me $20 a month or so to run the business. That is not the extras like a reliable web designer and graphics person, and that is per job and not that costly. My new clients check technically will cover the next six months of my service hosting and phone bill. Not bad. Now I just need to get to the bank and open a checking account.
I have been brainstorming like a mad woman. Aside from my ad site, I am looking at some other really great Internet marketing ideas to work on. I have had the good fortune to meet some great people and successful people that are in the same field. It is always great to compare notes and observe what others in your interested field are doing and succeeding at.

If you were to stumble upon a local ad site in your area what kinds of articles and tidbits would get your attention and keep you coming back? I would love to hear!