Monday, February 15, 2010

The Midlife Crisis

I feel like I am having and have been having a Midlife crisis for sometime. I started researching it and it is pretty common. I am not sure how common at 39, but common going into the next two decades.

Since I am constantly thinking of how I can reinvent myself, I thought it was just a thing we women do at 40. Shed our skin and have a rebirth or sorts. I guess this can also be part of the "Crisis". This does not just happen during menopause as some may think. I am not the rarity that I thought I was, thank goodness.

I have not gone as far as to make dramatic changes, I just think about doing it. Here are some other things it says we feel or think about while our minds are swirling with confusion:

Change for the sake of change-I am feeling this a lot.

Questioning everything in one’s life and feeling “trapped”- A bit

Sudden obsession with appearance and spending inordinate amounts of time the mirror- I don’t do this but am having the same body image issues I had as a teen. I am aware I can’t have my teen body back, but would still like to have a great shape again.

Excessive reminiscing about youth and previous loves- No, I would if I was allowed a do over pass.

Self admission- Yes, a bit.

I do wonder if we women just have better self control than men, since they normally cheat, workout more, buy stupid cars and so on. I would blow money on a Mercedes SUV, but have planned on that before this unplanned attack on my mind. So, it doesn't count.

I have zero stress about turning 40, but am starting to become more stressed out over my current state of mind, or lack there of.
Since I can't seem to figure this all out, I started reading The Breaking Point, by Sue Shellenbarger.
Hopefully I will learn something.

If this is a rebirth-I want to come out looking more like Cindy Crawford. Let the butterfly emerge. Sooner rather than later, please!

P.S. I would like a side dose of my sanity back, too. Maybe more enlightened if possible.


The Edge of London said...

Love the new blog. I think this may have fixed your comment issues.