Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bad Manners all around

Manners-a lost art

Remember the good old days where people say Thank you, Please, held doors and didn’t try and run you over with their cars?
After being backed into today physically (I’m not hurt) I was informed by this bitch that it was my job to look out for her, and then she stared swearing at me. Really? Anyone that knows me would be afraid for her about right now; did I mention she was maybe late sixties? I had my words with no holding back and witnesses, but in the end decided she was not going to ruin my day and she almost hit another car on her way out, I am not kidding.
Then the woman at the post office who I let go ahead of me (she had screaming kids) gave me a dirty look and stormed in front of me all entitled. There was no “Thanks” involved at all, and on her way out she couldn’t be bothered to hold the door for the older gentleman behind her. Rudeness is everywhere, and it is so hard not to be taken into it and responsive (which I normally am). I still hold doors, allow the person with only one item to go ahead, I say please, I return phones calls, emails and letters in a timely manner. I think maybe I am the one over doing it, and my expectations for everyone else are just to damn high.
I have two contractors that have not yet bothered to read or sign their contracts for employment, an attorney that was suppose to call me back a week ago, what is so important that we can’t do and get the simplest of things done? Is this just a bigger picture of what I have to expect in running my own business? I even had a deadline on the contracts. People just assume it is fine to get to all things manner related when they please. It is disturbing. Worse yet, people are teaching their kids these great traits and now there is a whole new world of wee brats running around.
My sister has two kids and has instilled phenomenal manners in both of them and doesn’t tolerate any rudeness or disrespect from either, and they don’t give it. I wish more people did that.
After spending far too much time in public today, I know for sure I made the right decision business wise. I would rather run a website than something public. I can sit in the background and only have to deal with all the craziness when it suits me.

All this and it’s not even 2:30 PM- I won’t even start in on customer service via phone~


Medical Librarian said...

I'm glad you weren't hurt.

I can't agree more about the bad manners and overall rudeness. Like they somehow think they're busier, more stressed, etc. than everyone else and should be given a "pass" on basic manners.

I always put a curse on the annoying people, "I hope you have the horrible day you deserve." And I bet they do, anyway, because they seem so cranky and unhappy already.

Then there are the people who are so shocked when you do something nice for them for no reason, like letting the person with a couple of items go ahead of you in line at Target because you have a monster cart of stuff. (Yes, I'm always with a full cart at Target.)

Tom said...
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The Reivention of Woman said...

I always hope Karma follows, I assume it does. That woman yesterday that almost ran me over was so scary. I felt for the people who dealt with her after me.

Today walking into breakfast I hold the door for two women leaving...a look like that is what I was suppose to do and no Thanks or have a nice day. I feel like stopping all small acts of kindness. The problem with that is you never know when that small act will make a huge impact on someone's day, even when you had no clue.
My cart is always full at Target. It is my mother ship, to bad all the money I spend there doesn't go into a Target 401K or IRA for later in life, I would be set if that were the case.

Sonya said...

Wow Im so glad you are ok! you know over here there are no manners at all. I have been rammed in the back so many times by people pushing a shopping cart and they look at you like you are the problem. I see alot of men not opening doors or allowing the woman to walk in first. I get cut off by men more than women now. The kids are so rude,there is never an excuse me or anything.
It's enough to leave a bad taste in your mouth.

The Reivention of Woman said...

Doesn't it make you just want to be rude right back or just stop all the manners that you learned? I swear one day...
I am always turned off by kids with really bad manners, more so by their parents.
People here will let doors slam in your face, not hold the door for peopel with babies and an arm full, it is just amazing. I think growing up in the 50's would have been more pleasing.