Friday, October 8, 2010



It is now mid October and it still feels very much like mid July. I love fall and this is the second year I will be missing it. The leaves are confused, the pumpkin patch looks slightly sparse and nothing feels like fall. In order to enjoy the wonderful weather of fall I must go out and enjoy myself after 8:00 PM in the dark.

While my friends post pictures of the vibrant colors of the leaves changing and all the rain and frost they are getting, I am sitting on the couch playing with my new laptop with my central air set at 72.

In conjunction with the rant above: Since losing now 17 lbs and having clothes so loose they cause me top slip down the stairs, I am again annoyed that I can’t wear some really cute track type outfits that now fit really well. I could wear them if I wanted to die of heat stroke. Damn it!

I got a laptop for my 40th birthday. I just got this as it was customized to my current needs and I am finally wireless and not having to run up and down the stairs, woohoo. I love that this is mobile, but the keyboard and mouse are challenging. So, I have plugged in an old keyboard to allow for speedy typing while I get use to the feel of my favorite birthday present. My camera does come in second. I must say so far I am not a fan of Office 2007; I really do prefer 2003 because it seems so much easier to use.

In assisting with a Federal release criminal case I am again disturbed by our judicial system. As I have discussed with other friends and family, you will do more time for a drug charge, be it, pills, marijuana or cocaine, than you will for child molestation or rape. This is on a first time offense of any kind. Six years into a sentence (more than the 18-22 months most pedos do) a woman has to fight with all she has to get out and be with her possibly terminally ill son. How is that justice? How is it a sex offender can live in the same neighborhood as her son but she can’t even see him? This case has me very pissed off to say the least.

Since my last post and fired pen pal, I have gotten another email saying that she has once again sent me a box. Why? Since I have decided that it is best not to reply at all, if said box does land I will likely refuse it. I am certain it will never make an appearance. No loss. Some confusion.

I am going to give another shout out to The Buttmaster. I can’t help but wonder if I could have saved my booty the extra love had I been using it all these years. Again, wow! I decided to Google the Buttmaster and found others also love it and I have learned a couple new ways to use this love contraption. The downfall, I am pretty sore on a daily basis. It can also be purchased at I am a fan of anything that takes off inches, has quick results and I don’t have to leave my house. Warning…daily use of this will cause inches to fall off and your panties will no longer fit.

With really positive results from my eating, Buttmaster and other efforts, my lifestyle change feels permanent this time around. Something really feels different, I know I may have said that on my last blog, but it’s true. This time, when I have had a treat or felt like I fell from the wagon, I have counteracted and not gained anything back. My clothes that are now loose go out the door the same day I figure out they are too big. I am hoping to drop ten more pounds by the 21st of this month.