Friday, September 17, 2010


I have to urge to rant-
Old people shouldn’t be driving; I am tired of getting cut off and almost hit on a daily basis, yep, daily. My 89 year old neighbor license was renewed because she passed the eye test, and they didn’t make her wear her glasses. I think there should be an age limit and a curfew for old people. Also, why to the think they can just bud in a line?

I use to have that whole respect thing for older people, it’s gone.

Dear Barnes and Noble,
Please stop stalking me and trying to get me to buy the NOOK every time I walk in and out of the door. So annoying!

Borders does not do this and they get more of my money than you…

Attention employers:

When placing an ad for employees with a college education, please specify that you more or less mean…someone who could maybe pass the GED. Also, look up college education before saying “I think your educational background makes you overed (yes that is what she said) qualified”. I am still certain she didn’t know what the word qualified meant or articulation. Also, dumbass employers-although people need jobs a good wage is not minimum wage and most overed qualified people will not work for that.


When I ask for a scanned file and the other person says okay, I assume I am going to get a scanned file. Not a phone call asking me if it is with one of those computer things. It is 2010.

Dear pen pal,

Stop saying you have sent me great packages and can’t figure out why I am not getting them. You know you have not sent them, I am not impressed and don’t really care. I am not certain why you keep saying this, but the USPS screw up rate is high, but not that high. It has now become insanely annoying and I am afraid you will have to go. You’re Fired!


Medical Librarian said...

OMG--I totally had to laugh while reading these rants.

I'm not sure which is worse--the Nook stalkers, who I actually feel sorry for because that's their job--though I still want them to leave me alone, or the pen pals that say they've sent something repeatedly and, nope, they didn't.

Love this post!