Friday, October 15, 2010

The things people will buy

iPad $499.00, fancy covers from Domenico Vacca $3,900.00- They come in a variety of colors and according to the Robb Report they have sold out. Other big name designers are also making them for lower prices $1,700.00 and up. Sure you could just get one for $30.00 from the Apple store, but why do that when you have a fancy DV? I love my iPod and have never spent more than $14.99 for a sleeve. Should I decide to buy an iPad, I can promise you that even if my bank account shows zeros leading to the millions I would never spend almost four grand for something that cost me five hundred, where the hell is the logic in that?

I have friends that are very wealthy and ones that have a champagne appetite on a beer budget. Can you guess who is more inclined to buy the overpriced cover? The ones with no money. My wealthier friends are frugal, watch their money and like a good deal.