Monday, July 26, 2010

It's okay

Everyone wants to have a good group of friends, but what happens when you out grown them? I am the type of person that knows when something is no longer right for me, friends included. They say friends should stay with you though thick and thin, I don’t always think that is the case. I also think it is very normal to out grow a person. Your family life, interests, morals and values all change though stages of your life, so it is only natural that your friends would as well. Have you ever noticed there is that one person who makes you cringe when they call? Or brings out your negativity? I have two people in my life that do just that. When I see the caller ID, I ignore it, when I see an email, I delete it. Their energy makes me uncomfortable. I think when a friendship has reached this faze it is best to simply walk away.

I have a couple people in my life that disagree. Why would you want to remain friends with someone who doesn’t want to talk to you? Why would you hold on to a friend you have nothing in common with? People do this all the time, just because I won’t doesn’t make me a bad or flaky person, I am just purging what is negative and bad from my life, I think that is healthy.

With that said, I say if something isn’t working and it isn’t worth the work to fix it…don’t!


Sonya said...

I have gone through that at different periods during my life. I know of people who have kept their preschool friends and have the best relationships now. However I also hear from the ones who claim to love their friends but then trash talk them left and right. I see that more often.

Im not one to hold onto something that isnt't working. I cant stand the life drainers anymore. I'd rather be alone then deal with people like that.

The Reivention of Woman said...

This is why we get along so well, Sonya. :)
I have friends from grade school, most evolve, this one just didn't. I don't have time for all the negative crap she spews all the time. I knew you'd get it!

Medical Librarian said...

Life is definitely too short to spend time on someone who is always negative about everything.

People grow apart, and I don't think there's anything wrong with letting someone go if you reach a point where the friendship isn't bringing positive energy to both people. I also don't know how you truly get rid of someone who wants to stalk you into staying friends, though, besides your approach of ignoring the attempts at contact. Frustrating!